About this Site

“A spectacular twenty-first-century Biblical art masterpiece.”

— Rev. Wanda Lundy, New York Theological Seminary


The Brick Bible project is one artist’s epic effort to illustrate the entire Bible in LEGO building bricks. It has been built and photographed over the course of fifteen years. Its goal is to get more people to read the Bible and know its contents. Its success has spawned more than a dozen published books.

Because not all of the stories in the scriptures are appropriate for all ages and levels of maturity, The Brick Bible for Kids website and series of books has been created to give children a fun introduction to several of the Bible’s most famous stories.

The presentation of these stories attempts to keep them as accurate to the Bible’s own telling of them as possible. While many other illustrated Bibles take a free hand in adding or removing elements of the stories, or tacking on well-meaning morals to the story not present in the original, The Brick Bible for Kids (like its parent project The Brick Bible) aims to always keep things true to the scriptures.

If you are interested in checking out the full Brick Bible project, including hundreds of other free beautifully presented online stories, head on over to TheBrickBible.com (or find the Brick Bible series of books at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or other retailers). Autographed copies of The Brick Bible and The Brick Bible for Kids books can be ordered directly from The Brick Bible store.

Info for Churches

Over the years many churches have asked for permission to incorporate material from The Brick Bible project in their Sunday School classes, sermons, and other religious education activities.

This website aims to make that easier than ever before. In general, without needing to send in a specific permission request, you may display this website and share its stories as part of your religious services or education programs.

This site has been specifically designed to look great on phones for personal use, but also on tablets (like the iPad) for small groups. It even looks great projected onto large screens, whether you’ve got a traditional projector displaying a laptop screen, or whether you’re using a casting device like Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast.

An important note, however, is that permission cannot be granted to use the images from this site in print material, as these rights are held by the U.S. publisher of The Brick Bible for Kids books, Sky Pony Press of New York City.

If your intended use does not fit the descriptions above, you are welcome to send an email to contact@thebrickbible.com with a description of your proposed usage, where and when it would be used, and any other relevant information.